Do You Know You Can Create Your Dream Wig ?

We will Help You Create Your Own Wig

You are not sure what exactly suits you? Which color is right for you, which length is suitable for you? Or are you’re looking for something to compliment your individual and unique personality you can customise your own wig from start to finish!

Just send us some daylight pictures of your hair in its natural state by email to , WHATSAPP +4915781457932 or DM US ON INSTAGRAM @BMB.GOODHAIR 
the pictures should be sharp, taken in natural light and not against the light. Your head should be clearly visible - not too far away, but not too close either.

We will then make a recommendation and help you decide exactly how you would like your BmB GoodHair to be constructed from hair type to cut and colour and Lace, create your own personal unit over a one on one Consultation.